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Small Business Marketing

What we offer?

Our turnkey solutions make it easy for you, as a business professional, to engage and maintain a robust social media presence that bolsters your brand awareness and brand image.

We set up your platforms and present your brand in the most favorable manner. We also integrate all platforms with our proprietary algorithm which boosts the reach, resonance and strength of your the targeted demographics that affect your brand awareness, build brand loyalty and create brand eveangelists.

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How does it work?

Depending on the plan, once set up, each client receives training through our resource center in best practices for maintaining a solid social media marketing strategy. Our "10-Minute-per-Day" process makes this 'easy as pie'!

We realize that as a small business, time is your most valuable asset. We have created a process by which you can manage, maintain, and grow your social media presence/influence in 10 minutes or less per day. We stay ahead of the curve in social media you don't have to.

small business marketing

Why choose us?

"Experience and expertise." Our parent company, The nGage Company, Inc., is a leading social media marketing and consulting firm with clients worldwide, and over 12 years experience in social media. Our founder is a globally recognized 'influencer' (rated as 1st degree influencer by Fast Company Magazine).

We realize that most small business owners wear all the hats, and time is their most valuable asset. For that reason, we've taken proven methods and created turnkey solutions just for small business.

small business marketing